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Intro: Breen Construction Company is a leading Central Otago construction company with a pedigree dating over 70 years. As one of BWARE’s earliest customers they’ve had a big hand in helping us with feature development over the years. We asked their Health and Safety Manager Chris Lambeth to share some of the projects they’ve been working on and how BWARE helps their construction company be more competitive.


1) Firstly Chris, can you tell us a bit about what you guys do and what sets you apart? (specialise in), what area are you based (or where are your customers based), and how long have you been in business?


The Breen Construction Company Ltd has been under the Breen family umbrella for the past 77 years and has three brothers from the 4th generation at the helm.


We’re a general construction company that prides itself on its ability to adapt to the changing currents and needs of the construction industry and economy and has the means to work within all aspects of the industry including Commercial and Retail, Residential (both high end architectural and housing), Rural, Civil, Community, Historic and Jobbing.


We cover the Central Otago area including Alexandra, Cromwell, Wanaka, Queenstown, Ranfurly, Roxburgh and the Twizel area as well as the Oamaru area in North Otago.


2) What are your top three key construction projects and/or achievements you've been most proud of in the last few years?


It’s difficult to single out particular projects that we are more proud of than others, as we feel the same pride in all our completed projects.


There are however some in the last few years that have had a significant impact on the company and these are:


The Highlands Motor Sport park Museum and Pit lane Control tower facilities in Cromwell.



The Giltrap Residence in Wanaka (which received the Master builder’s supreme award for the Otago Southland house of the Year 2015)



The Residence Du Lac Apartment complex in Queenstown due to the size and scale of the job and the challenges faced with the nature of the sloping section it was built on.



3) How long have you been using BWARE's health and safety software and consulting services?


Breen Construction has been involved with the Bware H&S Safety Software since its inception and has had a reasonable level of input into the development of the system into what it is today.




4) What do you like most about the BWARE Safety Manager software/app?


The thing we like most about the Bware Safety Manager software and associated App is the integration of all our health and safety requirements and systems.


From governance through to training and equipment, recording can be done under one system and all the users can be given different levels of access to the information and forms depending on their requirements within the company.


This is by far the biggest advantage this system has and we are able to keep track of all our H&S requirements in one place without having to chop and change from one spreadsheet to another for various types of information and reporting.


5) What comments if any would you like to share with others considering becoming a BWARE customer?


For our purposes I believe that the Bware Safety Manager system gives us a competitive advantage due to the time saving and ability to have information at our fingertips no matter where our staff are working.


It also enables our users to reduce the amount of paper involved in the reporting and checking of our H&S system. Project managers no longer need to visit site specifically to check on H&S reporting or checklists - they are able to see if they are being done from the comfort of their desk.


This enables performance criteria to be assessed over time rather than snapshot from a particular moment.


6) What’s the biggest change or curve ball you think people should watch out for in the new Health and Safety at Work Act 2015?


Understanding where levels of responsibility begin and end within the construction field with overlapping duties.





BWARE Customer Spotlight


Who: Breen Construction Company

Industry: Building and Construction

Where: Central Otago