BWARE Customer Spotlight - Invercargill Licensing Trust


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BWARE Customer Spotlight - Invercargill Licensing Trust


Intro: The Invercargill Licensing Trust (ILT) runs a whole range of hospitality related businesses, from pubs and restaurants, to hotels, liquor stores and function venues. This makes management of their many teams health and safety needs a complicated beast. Thankfully BWARE and Safety Manager is up to the task! Greg McElhinney has helped drive H&S at ILT for over 10 years and gave us some insights about how they put us to the test on a daily basis.


1) What do you guys do, what's your purpose, and how long have you been in business/existence?


We’re in the hospitality business – have been for 72 years. We are different because we are a community owned organisation that owns and operates 26 hospitality businesses. The profits from those activities are reinvested in our existing businesses to make them better, put into new ventures and returned as grants to over 400 not for profit organisations. We operate gaming machines in 11 of our pubs and those profits together with our trading profits allow us to make grants exceeding 8 million dollars each year. Not bad for a city of 50,000 people and it means that we have services and facilities the envy of many provincial cities our size in NZ.



2) As an organisation, what are your top three achievements/initiatives/projects you've been most proud of in the last few years?


  • ILT Stadium Southland for sure. The first one collapsed under a heavy snowfall six years ago and its replacement opened last year. This is unquestionably a fantastic facility that attracts major events to the city and keeps its heart beating.
  • Funding three major sports franchises - The Stags Rugby, The Southern Steel Netball and The Sharks Basketball. Our commitment to sport is huge at all levels.
  • Initial funding support for SIT Zero Fee scheme. SIT is now a major driver for the city with large numbers of international students in residence adding cultural diversity.





3) How long and within what businesses have you been using BWARE's health and safety software and consulting services?


We have been in partnership with BWARE for over 10 years. We have their software in all of our businesses – hotels, motels, bars, restaurants, nightclubs, taverns, bottle stores and our catering arm.



4)       What do you like most about the BWARE software/app?


We are a bit different to most businesses that BWARE work with because we have multiple sites – 26 businesses and circa 700 staff. What I like most is the consistent approach BWARE gives us for managing health and safety across those businesses. Everyone knows and understands what needs to be done and reported. When staff transfer internally then the health and safety software is the same and therefore familiar. We have remained faithful to this system for a long time so it is embedded as one of our important management controls. The software is comprehensive but it can be altered at each establishment to meet the needs of each particular business. Some are more complicated than others and so also are their health and safety requirements. The ability to turn parts of the software off so that users are not scared by what they are confronted with is a major benefit. They simply see what they need to see to do their job. The management reporting is particularly good and very helpful when composing Board health and safety reports.


5) What comments if any would you like to share with others considering becoming a BWARE customer?


This is a tried and true piece of software that we have given a good workout over a long period of time. It is easy to use and provides the assurances that today’s managers and executives require.

It can be customised to your needs.


You can be absolutely certain of personal backup. For me this is singularly the most important point of all. I sleep well at night because I know I have the full support of the BWARE team helping me manage H&S across such a large and diverse workforce.


I trust them implicitly and value their knowledge and expertise.


6) Biggest change or curve ball you think employers should watch out for in the new HSWA 2015?


The biggest change for me is having a Board actively driving H&S with a real passion. While they have always been supportive there is no doubt that with the change in legislation both executive and board members are acutely aware of their responsibilities and eager to have evidence that H&S systems are alive and fully functioning at the coalface. BWARE software goes a long way to providing that assurance.




BWARE Customer Spotlight

Who: Invercargill Licensing Trust

Industry: Hospitality

Where: Invercargill