Finally a company that’s serious about “re-inventing” your Health & Safety experience for the better. BWARE is an acronym that stands for Business and Workplace Activity Reporting Engine. The company was founded by two long-time friends Kevin Haskins, a Health and Safety Champion with 30 years’ experience and Chris Brown, a multitalented software architect.


We are proud of what we do and to share our expertise. We enjoy working with our customers, redefining their health and safety experience into practical solutions that meet their unique business requirements.

At BWARE you are dealing with health and safety experts not Salespeople. Our team have many years of hands on experience providing specialised advice, strategic input and ongoing training and guidance for our customers of all sizes and industries.

Kevin Haskins

Kevin Haskins


New Zealand Diploma in Workplace Health and Safety Management

NEBOSH International General Certificate in Occupational Health and Safety

Even as a young person I always had an interest in health and safety, but that interest turned into a passion when I had a serious workplace accident at 21 years of age. This accident changed the course of my life as I learned first-hand just how much quality health and safety practices really matter. For me, health and safety compliance is not all about following rules, it’s about the protection of people’s lives. And, from a company’s point of view, it makes good business sense to protect your greatest asset – your workers.

In creating BWARE, I wanted to bring together the best ideas and practices I’d seen through my years as an advisor and auditor, and to offer products that actually work for people in the field as well as in the office. We are so passionate about protecting the lives of people that we strive for continuous improvement, constantly refining our products and keeping up to date with legislative changes. It’s so rewarding to see our products being used, knowing that we are making a difference.

Chris Brown

Chris Brown

IT All Star

Bachelor of Science (Information Science), University of Otago

Bachelor of Commerce, University of Otago

For me, working in IT is a natural fit because functional IT is all about finding solutions to difficult questions. I love the challenge of problem-solving, of interpreting client needs and finding practical solutions that improve our products and services. The complexity of what is required versus what can be done brings constant challenges, but I enjoy using my expertise to push boundaries that ultimately help our clients keep their people safe and their businesses secure.

I have thoroughly enjoyed the journey to this point – the extensive development over time, finding answers to those difficult questions and working with the team to provide first-rate functionality.

Paul Haskins

Paul Haskins

Road Captain

New Zealand Diploma in Workplace Health and Safety Management

Diploma in Workplace Occupational Health and Safety

Currently undertaking a Diploma in Business Administration and Leadership

Maybe it’s a twin thing, but like Kevin I have always had an interest in health and safety. My real passion is people, with a genuine desire to see people not just surviving but thriving.

It’s great to be able to connect people with products that actually make a difference and to give them the security and peace of mind that comes with knowing they have solutions in place that matches all their needs.

Not all businesses have health and safety managers or know what’s required. I let them know not only what they need but why they need it and set them up with the best package possible from the outset. I’m passionate about what we offer, really value building relationships with our clients and love being able to work alongside my brother, which makes coming to work every day a real pleasure.

Matty McLean

Matty McLean

System Support Whiz

Diploma in Business Administration and Leadership

Currently undertaking a New Zealand Diploma in Workplace Health and Safety Management

Growing up in a small town I have realised that connecting with people and building relationships was one of my main attributes. I have always had a passion for helping others and constantly learning.

Working with technology in school gave me an appreciation of how effective it can be to simplify strenuous tasks. Being able to provide companies with the much-needed health and safety services BWARE offers perfectly ties together my love for technology with my passion for connecting with others.

As the fresh set of eyes at BWARE I hope that my contributions will allow us to further our reach across this great country and help companies do what is most important... keeping their workers safe.